HP3 is a community public-private partnership focused on one goal: every Haverhill public school student achieves a true living wage job – a job where they can have a nice place to live, have transportation, and raise a family if they desire.

Here are the activities we do to help students succeed:

  • Formally brief students and parents on how to begin to identify a student’s talents and interests, how to identify possible career fields of interest, and how to develop a career plan that leads to a successful career.
  • Provide mentors to assist students and graduates who would benefit from external support.
  • Provide a website that provides tools on how to identify desirable career fields, how to develop a career plan, and how to find specific living wage jobs in the Greater Haverhill area. 
  • Assist with transportation to ensure the student or recent graduate can get to the training site or workplace.
  • Annually assess progress, identify other obstacles to each student achieving a living wage job, and  develop a collective community effort to eliminate those obstacles.

HP3 has one measure of success – the number of Haverhill public school students that actually transition to a true living wage job. 

Download the Haverhill Public-Private Partnership Concept paper (Download, pdf)  

The 21st Century Jobskills Project is a nonprofit organization registered in Alexandria, VA. The Project assists communities in establishing programs to facilitate all public school students transitioning to true living wage jobs. Since March 2018 we have been working with the Haverhill community and help operate HP3. Visit us at jobskills21.com

Short Video about HP3