There are a number of living wage jobs available to students and graduates of the Haverhill Public Schools. This page is designed to help you identify specific living wage jobs in the Haverhill/Merrimack Valley/greater Boston area that fall into your desired career fields.

Each link provides this information in a different format. We suggest you explore each site to see the range of opportunities available.
Sponsored by the US Department of Labor, this website allows you to search by job title and location. The site also provides information on training and careers. is a commercial site that identifies jobs by areas. You can go to for the general site or hit the button to go directly to the jobs identified for the Haverhill area. is a commercial site that helps you identify specific jobs. It allows you to specify a location, salary, job title, and specific employer. is also a commercial site that helps identify available jobs. You can search by company/employer, salary, location, and job title.
A Massachsetts government site that identifies job opportunities in the state government. The site offers a range of options in the areas of health and human services, transportation, IT, finance, housing, energy, environment, public safety, and education.

A US Government website that identifies available government jobs. It allows you to search for federal government jobs by location, job title, government agency, and occupation.

You may want to consider the military as a career or as a short-term occupation to gain experience in a specific area. You can also earn education benefits through the GI Bill to help pay for college. Service can be full-time in the active duty military or part time in the Reserves.   These sites provide information on opportunities in all of the armed forces. 



  Air Force 

  Marine Corps 

  Coast Guard 


Specific Career Sites

New England Institute of HVAC, Inc 
The New England Institute of HVAC trains specialists in all aspects of HVAC services, repair, and installation. 

Service Year
As part of your career plan you may want to gain experience in a new area while also serving your community. A “service year” does just that. It is a 10-12 month full-time paid position in an organizations such as AmeriCorps or the Massachusetts Commonwealth Corps. You can do a service year right out of high school or years later. In either case, it can provide a true “life-changing” experience.  There are hundreds of opportunities available to Haverhill students and graduates.