To accomplish important things it helps to have a clear plan that guides and focuses your actions towards a specific goal. This is also true with your career and how you see your future.

Developing a career plan can help you think about your skills and interests, help identify careers and occupations that would be a good match for you, and assist in developing specific actions and steps that you can follow to achieve your goals.
There is no best format or approach for a career plan – there are numerous ways to make one. The key is to use the process to help you focus your actions towards achieving your goal.

The following links provide ideas on how to develop your career plan.

General Career Plan Example – This PDF provides an example of a career plan. It highlights some of the basic information you might want to consider when developing your personal plan.  (Download, PDF)

Careeronestop – Sponsored by the US Department of Labor – This site provides some ideas on developing a plan.

MassHire Career Information System. We also included this site on the “Career Fields Available to Me” page. To navigate to the Career Plan area we suggest hitting the “Massachusetts Resident” button, then hit the “High School” button, and then enter “Haverhill” and your zip code. Once inside the site hit the “Plan” tab at the top of the page.

MIT Career Advising and Professional Development Site. This is an MIT site specifically focused on assisting MIT students. While it is designed for the MIT program, it provides some good ideas on how to think through a career plan.