The goal of the Haverhill Public-Private Partnership (HP3) is for all Haverhill School students to ultimately achieve a true “living wage job.”

To us, a “living wage” job pays enough to allow you to have a good place to live, have access to transportation, and be able to raise a family if that is your goal.

Costs of living vary from community to community throughout the United States. And inside each community they vary based on the size of the family.

The links on this page provide information on how much it costs to live in the Haverhill/Essex County area for individuals and families. These are not exact figures – they provide a general estimate.

As you develop your career plan and identify the types of jobs you would like to pursue, it might be helpful to understand the basic costs associated with day-to-day living and what your salary needs to be to meet your goals.

MIT Living Wage Calculator. This link, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, shows minimum costs an individual or family will need in areas like food, childcare, health insurance, housing, transportation, and other basic necessities. These figures reflect the minimum earnings required to meet basic needs.